“Annexation and lack of transparency”


“A reasonable and rational ordinance”


“Sign the petition and tell others”



Decisions can be made by Town officials before data is gathered and objective studies are completed. A limited effort is made to determine if sufficient infrastructure is in place to support development… or measures the effect of additional traffic on our roads that are already congested and even unsafe …or examines the impact on our fragile island environment.

Even more alarming is the blatant lack of transparency.

Proposals such as the current Andell West annexation and development can appear at the last possible moment on the agenda of the Town of Kiawah Island Council and voted on at the next meeting days later, affording little time for Island homeowners to participate in deliberations before a quick vote. No public outreach, forums, or community surveys. In sum, little opportunity to obtain feedback from Kiawah Island property owners.

In the end, rash decisions can be made that appear to benefit some but will have a lasting impact on all of us and Kiawah Island for generations to come.

It’s time we reform the process.

And we can.



A little known and rarely used South Carolina law allows the voters of a community to seek reforms by placing proposed ordinances before their Town Council.

Our solution is to present to the Kiawah Island Town Council a very reasonable and rational ordinance that:

1. Prevents the Town from rushing annexation applications through an approval process.

2. Prevents the Town from making side deals with developers to preemptively up-zone newly annexed territory by requiring a neutral initial zoning designation for newly annexed property.

3. Establishes stronger requirements fo the Planned Development process to ensure that:

A. Community input and support is obtained.

B. The interests of the community, environment and surrounding communities are considered.

C. Local and regional infrastructure will not be burdened by the proposed project.

D. Public disclosures are made to identify any developer representatives or consultants who also serve or have served on any Kiawah-related committees or boards, especially any boards or committees that have or have had a role in Kiawah governance or governmental-related decisions

Click HERE to read the proposed amendments to the current TOKI development ordinance.

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To place the ordinance before the Council, we need to obtain the signatures of at least 15 percent of the registered voters of Kiawah Island.

Here is how you can help.

Sign the petition!

Petitions will be carried by many of your neighbors and will also be available at locations around the community to be announced.

Petitions will be available for signing at Java Java on:
December 22 (10:am to Noon)
December 28 (1:00pm to 3:00pm)

In order to submit to the Town in a timely fashion, the deadline for signing the petition is December 31st.

Or let us know if you would like to sign the petition and arrangements will be made to have one of our volunteers come to your home or meet you at a convenient location and time.

Remember – only Kiawah Island registered voters are eligible sign the petition. That means ALL your neighbors, including our many part-time resident friends, are counting on us Kiawah Island voters to fix the broken annexation and development process.

If you are a part-time resident who is NOT registered to vote on Kiawah Island, your voice is important too! Sign on below as a supporter. We will keep you informed as we demonstrate broad community support among ALL property owners for these needed reforms.

Stand by as our ordinance comes before the Town Council at an upcoming public hearing. We need to make it clear that when it comes to development issues, the unique lifestyle and sensitive environment of Kiawah Island will best be preserved through a thoughtful, deliberative, and completely transparent process. A process that places a premium on the wishes and desires of Island residents.

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The Reform It Now Committee is composed of folks like you – your neighbors. We are volunteering our time and resources to preserve the special qualities of Kiawah Island and its uniqueness in the face of current and future development that is rushed through a haphazard process with limited community input.


John Grierson

Tim Hazel

Gene Hutchinson

Jim Jarosik

Nikki Joy

Maura McIlvain

Cathy Pumphrey

Erin Slater

Diane Angelini

Kelly Bragg

Chris Dahlstrom

Mike DiGiovanni